Newcomer's Meeting

Every second Wednesday and fourth Sunday of the month, Louisville Munch hosts a Newcomer's Meeting to welcome the new people into our community. If you have never been to a Louisville Munch before, you probably have questions about our community or about BDSM in general that you would like to have a chance to ask. Bring all your questions for discussion before we join the rest of our community at either our Wednesday coffee or Sunday Munch directly afterwards.

Wednesday Coffees and Sunday Munches are great first events for people to come to, as they are generally smaller and more relaxed than some of our other events. Both feature great food and great fun, with a welcome and diverse atmosphere, and plenty of new friends to make.

Mark your calendar for the second Wednesday and fourth Sunday of any month, and we'll be there to welcome you! Email me directly if you need location information or call/text me on the number below.

Mr. Michael
(502) 694-BDSM