New Eventbrite Free Reservation
Policy Effective 7/26/21

A few of our social events now require a free reservation to be made before attending. This is because in some circumstances we need a more accurate head count in order for the Munch venue to serve us better. Sometimes we experience more demand for seats than supply, so please read below carefully before you place your reservation for an event.

  1. Reservations are now limited to 1 reservation per person per event. Get your date(s) to make their own reservation!
  2. Only register if you KNOW you can be there. If you do reserve a spot, make sure you show up.
  3. If you do need to cancel, we will no longer allow reservations to be personally transferred to friends or put up for grabs to people in the groups and forums. All of our events have a waiting list with people in line to make reservations, and they will be given priority.
  4. Save the confirmation email that you get from Eventbrite after making your reservation, because there is a link to "manage your order" (or click the order number link) that will take you to a webpage or space in their app where you can cancel your reservation. This is the ONLY way to cancel your reservation. Otherwise, we'll expect to see you there!
  5. No-shows and cancellations within a 6-hour period before the event will be barred from making any more reservations for 45 days.

I think this new policy will be more fair for those who are waiting for reservations through the proper channels, and keep our private forums clear from a lot of "Who needs a ticket?" posts.

Thank you for your cooperation, and thank you for flying Louisville Munch Airlines.

Mr. Michael
(502) 694-BDSM