Munchies Awards Ballot 2021

Please vote for your community favorites in the following categories. You may only submit the form once, so please make sure you fill it out as completely as you want before submitting. It is not necessary to submit a fully-completed form, you can vote or not vote in any categories that you like. Balloting it open through October 15th, 2021.

When you are voting for someone, please be as specific as you can. If you vote for "John," we may have trouble knowing which John you are referring to. If you include their email address, screen name, or description of the person that would be helpful to make sure your vote goes to the right person.

Award Category Person you are voting for Identifying details (if necessary)
COVID-19 Savior
Keeping us sane through this!
Most Outstanding Educator
Always teaching us new things.
Most Eager Student
Slurping up every morsel of knowledge.
Most Involved and Active New Person
Rookie of the Year.
Most Admired Kinkster
The one you most look up to.
Most Interesting to Follow Online
Following, not stalking ;-)
Hottest Dresser
The best duds to make you salivate.
Best Ass
Um, no explanation needed.
Hottest Tits
My eyes are up here!
Best Package (bulge)
Can I see your pet armadillo?
Sexiest Person
All around hot shit.
Most Perverted Mind
WTF did they just say?
Biggest Social Butterfly
With a knack for making friends.
Biggest Clown
Hard to take seriously.
Best Hugs
The hugs you always look forward to.
Wish you were available!
Awww, damn.
Quiet Quality
Maybe not the most well-known, but solid quality.
Most Interesting Person (MIP)
For whatever reason(s).
All-around Community (MVP)
All-star Louisville kinkster.