ReMiX Skillshop and Play Party
June 13th, 2020 7:00 pm

ReMiX is excited to present a Skillshop and Play Party on the second Saturday of each month for people to come and hone their skills, learn new ones, teach their methods and experiences, and enjoy the fruits of our work at a dungeon play party following after.

Skillshop is an open "un-conference" where people can gather for informal teaching and learning, whether it be play skills or relationship skills. There are no scheduled classes. Each of these Skillshop segments are decided at the start of the event and are devised and taught by your peers.

Want to learn Florentine flogging technique? Curious about how to do convincing interrogation scenes? What are the best practices for negotiating scenes with strangers? Want to dabble in bootblacking? All of those things are possible at the Skillshop, depending on who is there and what is available to teach and learn. Will you be able to teach us something?

The first hour of the Skillshop people will be arriving and socializing, and we will take account of which segments will be available and who will be teaching them. We will lay out a rough schedule of 3-6 Skillshop segments of approximately 30 minutes each to be conducted in the second and third hour.

Then we'll have our Play Party starting at 10pm! Our Play Party is in a 3500 square-foot dungeon space with over a dozen play stations, premium sound system, and a sexy cool vibe. We cultivate a no-pressure space where consent is key, and debauchery abounds. Refreshments are provided in the fridge, with plenty of comfy social space to chill out and make friends.

The Skillshop and Play Party are 18+ events with no alcohol allowed, and ID is required. The Skillshop from 7-10pm costs $5 by itself. The party after is $20 and includes the Skillshop entrance fee if you plan to do both.

If you have never been to one of our events before, you MUST buy your ticket between 7-8pm and attend the Skillshop, or you must be a guest of a known person who will be fully responsible for your conduct. New people without sponsorship will be turned away at the door after 8pm.

So come out on the second Saturday of every month and meet some new people, gain and hone new skills for your play and your relationships, and best of all, cap it off with an amazing party!

Email michael@louisvillemunch.com or call/text (502) 694-BDSM if you need information or have any questions before attending.

Mr. Michael