ReMiX Skillshop and Play Party
April 11th, 2020 7:00 pm


We can't party together, but we can still meet online for learning! Don't let your brain go to mush during these boring days and log in and join us for a Virtual Skillshop on Zoom. 

Use the contact information below to request a link and password to our Zoom conference room.

Our lovely hostess has a polyamory discussion planned. Doesn't apply to you? Think again. Even if you're not polyamorous, you know some people who are, or maybe even play casually with some of them. Expanding your understanding of those around you is just as valuable as expanding your understanding of yourself.

Email michael@louisvillemunch.com or call/text (502) 694-BDSM if you need information or have any questions before attending.

Mr. Michael