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HumpDay Online Game Night
June 9th, 2021 7:00 pm

With the closing of ReMiX, and Heine Bros closing now at 5pm, we're turning our HumpDay Coffee into an online games gathering! Join us on our Discord server from 7-9pm for friends and fun!

From basic Charades to complex D&D campaigns to multiplayer online video games, come and host your own game that can be played virtually with your kinky friends. Louisville Munch will also provide some trivia and word games, plus a knock off of Cards Against Humanity that you can play with five other friends at a time.

While we hunker down during this pandemic, there is no reason we can't connect with our fellow kinksters over some fun times in the comfort of our own homes, just as you are.

Whether you're curious, novice, or veteran, kinky or just an understanding vanilla friend, we welcome you!

Mr. Michael
Munch Phone: (502) 694-BDSM