Discussion Groups
May 21st, 2017 4:00 pm

Join us on the third Sunday of every month as Louisville Munch hosts its Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings and discussions. The Dominant's Roundtable, Switch's Guild, and Subspace groups meet individually for discussion of BDSM relationship, community, and kink topics amongst people of like power orientation. Afterward, we then combine for general discussion between the groups. Click HERE for full event details.

If you have never been to a Louisville Munch before, it is suggested that you attend one before coming to these SIG meetings. Also, they are for people who are firm and well-grounded in their chosen power orientation, and not for those who are undecided, unsure, or who don't affiliate with a specific power orientation.

Email me directly or call me on the Louisville Munch phone number (502) 694-BDSM if you need location information for the venue or have questions before attending.

Mr. Michael