ReMiX Pizza Cuddle Puddle
September 17th, 2018 6:00 pm

Every 3rd Monday of the month, ReMiX hosts its Pizza Cuddle Puddle, and you're invited! What better way to unwind after your Monday than some comfort food and casual intimacy with your kinky friends?

How does a cuddle party work? Well, not much differently than the play parties that we do frequently each month, just with cuddling instead of BDSM play. Nobody is obligated to or entitled to a cuddle (just come for the pizza if you like!), everything is negotiated beforehand between two (or more) people, and we'll treat it just like any other scene in the dungeon space so you can take some uninterrupted togetherness in our space with people of your choosing.

We'll lay out the mats and cushions for you. Bring your own blanket to lay down or cover up with, and feel free to bring anything else you need to get into the cuddling groove (pillows, comfy clothes, stuffed animals, etc.).

Do you need to come with a partner? Nope! We hope to encourage a positive vibe for more casual cuddling for those both with or without partners. You may meet someone new to you who will be open to a cuddle, or propose some time with an old friend you've never cuddled with.. If everyone agrees, then it's all good! It's perfectly ok to ask anyone at the event for a cuddle, but "no, thank you" is final and does not require an excuse or further explanation.

There is no hanky panky allowed at this particular party. We're going to keep it low-key for everyone, so the spooning won't lead to forking... G-rated petting and conversation is always welcome though!

This event is not open to newcomers in our community. In order to attend, you must have attended at least one of our social or educational events before, and bring your 18+ ID with $10 for admission.

If you have any questions before attending, please contact Mr. Michael directly!

Text/phone: (502) 694-BDSM
Email: michael@louisvillemunch.com
Fetlife: MrMichael