Open Dungeon at ReMiX
August 25th, 2020 6:00 pm

In order to limit the number of people at this event, you'll need to pre-purchase your ticket at our online store to be admitted. This is to ensure our attendance capacity does not exceed COVID-19 recommended guidelines.  

On the fourth Tuesday of every month, ReMiX opens its doors for you to use as you please. Our spacious 3500 square foot dungeon contains over 15 play stations and pieces of BDSM furniture including St. Andrew's crosses, spanking benches, stockade, spider web, medical table, massage tables, leather swing, ceiling chain hard points, and more!

ID is always required and the event costs $10 per person.

Newcomers are welcome at this event. Come and meet some people in the community in our social area with comfy couches and complimentary refreshments. You never know how many new friends you'll meet, and who might be up for some Tuesday night kink.

No partner? Come solo! It's always OK to just come and watch if you like, and it's always OK to ask someone for play, but "no" is a complete answer that doesn't need any further explanation. ReMiX cultivates a relaxed and friendly no-pressure environment for all its attendees to enjoy.

The dungeon space is open for pretty much anything. Socialize, teach, learn, demonstrate, practice, or play! Get away from the nosy neighbors and confines of your home to do your kink in a purpose-built dungeon space.

Fetlife: MrMichael
Email: michael@louisvillemunch.com
Text/Voice: (502) 694-BDSM