ReMiX Kinky Speed-Mingling and Play Party
April 18th, 2020 8:00 pm

Join us for something new and fun at ReMiX when we gather for Kinky Mingling, followed by a Play Party right after!

Feeling a little shy? Or maybe you're already the outgoing and fearless type just looking to expand your rapport and make new friends. We're going to try and grease the wheels a little bit with some fun and pretty low-key mingling games. Whether you came to make friends or came to find potential play partners, we have you covered.

Arrive by 8pm sharp (doors open at 7:30pm) for an opening group activity to break the ice a bit and shake out any last minute jitters. Then we'll break into groups of tops and bottoms (sorry, you'll have to pick a side for this exercise) and go to some speed-dating style rotations, giving you a little face-time with other attendees to share about yourself and ask good questions. We'll close it out with another group game to transition to Play Party mode, which will start at 9:00.

Our Play Party is in a 3500 square-foot dungeon space with over a dozen play stations, premium sound system, and a sexy cool vibe. We cultivate a no-pressure space where consent is key, and debauchery abounds. Refreshments are provided in the fridge, with plenty of comfy social space to chill out and make friends.

If this is your first event, you MUST arrive between 7:30-8:00pm or be sponsored in by someone who has been to one of our events before who will be responsible for your conduct. New folks without sponsorship will be turned away at the front door starting at 8pm. 18+ only, ID required, $20 per person.  

Mr. Michael
(502) 694-BDSM