ReMiX Bottom's Buffet and Play Party
August 8th, 2020 7:00 pm

Ticket Pre-purchase Required
In August ReMiX Skillshop is proud to present a Bottom's Buffet. What is this, you ask? This is an opportunity for all attendees to get to experience different kinds of play and toys in a very hands-on way. Instead of organized classes, we will have interactive stations set up inside the dungeon space from 7:30-10:00 pm. There will be volunteers to assist you with questions about toys and light instruction in how to use implements or engage in types of play. There will be "stunt bottoms " available to help give you feedback or let you practice. There will also be volunteers at stations prepared to show you what a toy feels like if you would like to experience something from the "bottom side" in a casual, lights-on way without the commitment of a "scene". 

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Come with your questions , come ready to explore, come to be brave, come to be helpful, come simply to socialize. This is a great opportunity to experience something new and mingle with your friends and potential partners before the party gets started. We do this twice a year, so don't miss out! Stations will likely include: Sensation play, pet play, impact toys (whips, floggers, canes), cupping, items for sale, items for trade.

Special Covid Precautions: Since the world is a weird and germy place right now, some special precautions will be taken to help limit possible transmission of the bad stuff. 1. Before handling toys, a nice nurse will give you hand sanitizer and ask you to wear gloves. This keeps your germs with you and prevent us from having to put alcohol on vulnerable leather toys after every use. 2. Masks will be required in the building during the Skillshop portion of the evening. 3. A socializing area will be provided for your use outside to help with social spacing and distancing. Please use it  

Then we'll have our Play Party starting at 10pm! Our Play Party is in a 3500 square-foot dungeon space with over a dozen play stations, premium sound system, and a sexy cool vibe. We cultivate a no-pressure space where consent is key, and debauchery abounds. Refreshments are provided in the fridge, with plenty of comfy social space to chill out and make friends.

The Skillshop and Play Party are 18+ events with no alcohol allowed, and ID is required.

So come out on the second Saturday of every month and meet some new people, gain and hone new skills for your play and your relationships, and best of all, cap it off with an amazing party!

Email michael@louisvillemunch.com or call/text (502) 694-BDSM if you need information or have any questions before attending.

Mr. Michael